PHASE 1: Feasibility analysis of the request and production planning.

Everything starts with receipt of the order by fax or e.mail which is then checked in detail: code, batch, price, delivery date.
Once feasibility is confirmed, the work list is generated and entered into the computerised system, and then the raw materials and/or commercial components are sourced for the work to be carried out.


PHASE 2: Production and quality control

During the part production and processing the most up to date technologies available on the market are used in terms of both machinery and the efficiency of the latest generation of tools.

The staff in charge of programming use a CAD + CAD - CAM system to solve accurately and in the quickest time possible any problems encountered during the part machining analysis phase.
During the machining processes quality control procedures are followed and on completion all piece dimensions are checked again using suitable equipment.


PHASE 3: Product customisation and delivery

We always strive to supply a finished product and therefore, on request, we undertake to satisfy the various needs regarding heat and/or surface treatments.

In the final phase, but not the least important, of packaging and shipping the parts are treated very carefully, protected against oxidation and packed in special boxes or, as requested by many customers, in their own branded containers.

In all cases the pieces are always accompanied by a card to identify the incoming material, specifying the code, quantity, document number and date.